The company "Cremen Group" provides services for General construction works

General construction works include a wide range of multidisciplinary works that combine various activities such as design, preparation for construction and immediate construction.

LLC "Cremen Group" conducts the following types of work:

Geodetic works (geodetic control of accuracy of geometrical parameters of buildings (structures); Executive geodetic survey);

Preparatory work (clearance of the territory and its preparation for construction; demolition and dismantling of existing buildings and structures, as well as their structural elements; construction of temporary roads engineering networks and structures);

Excavation works (digging of foundation pits, trenching, compaction of soil and and arrangement of soil cushions, vertical planning, etc.);

Concrete and reinforced concrete works, including formwork (for which the company uses its own Doka formwork), as well as reinforcement works, which are carried out both at the reinforcement workshop of the company and the construction site.

Insulation works.